My name is Hardik Trivedi, and I am an iOS developer. I am working on Native iOS development using Objective-C and Swift programming language. Recently, I am working on SwiftUI. I have many years of experience with client-base application & product-base application development. I have completed almost 450+ lower, medium as well as higher level project. I am able to develop Native iOS | Today Extension | iMessage | Sticker Pack | watchOS | tvOS | Mac Catalyst App using SwiftUI, Swift or Objective-C based on clients requirement. I develop project by implementing MVVM (Model View ViewModel) Design Pattern with VCS (Bitbucket, GitHub)















Objective -C




Bug Fixing


My Own Skills

I like to share my skills regarding my work environment such as Adaptability, Integrity, Honesty, Support & Loyalty along with technical skills regarding iOS Development like Swift, Objective-C, UI/UX, Animation & Bug Fixing.


iOS App Design

iOS App Development

Bug Fixig


Do you have an interesting project?

I am available for working on iOS Application Development / Bug Fixing projects.

Some of my work

  • Live Apps


08-2018 to Present
Lead iOS Developer @ 9Brainz

Few years of experience in iOS application development. 9Brainz provide an opportunity to handle team / leading their projects. Also, provide time for R & D new stuff in iOS related topics.

03-2018 to 07-2018
Sr. iOS Application Developer @ AppCalibre

Developed simple & complex app in iOS, R & D new stuff related to iOS, Swift latest version & Objective-C programming concept

03-2017 to 02-2018
iOS Application Developer @ Oak Technology

I am doing iOS app (Swift + Objective-C) related apps which include following details: iPhone or iPad Apps, App Extension for iOS App, Apple Watch App

05-2016 to 02-2017
Team Leader - iOS Department @ 9Brainz

Major responsibility after approx. 3-4 year experience in IOS area: R & D for latest technology, Explore latest concepts in iOS, Solve / Fix problem (for any one), Support & Guidance for IOS experts

09-2015 to 04-2016
Sr. iOS Application Developer @ The App Guruz

My responsibilities include developing a product for the Company and fix all issues related to the product.

09-2014 to 08-2015
Jr. iOS Application Developer @ The App Guruz

Learning expert level thing in iOS application developer under senior developers. Also, Dealing with the client-based project & learn to communicate with the client.

06-2014 to 08-2014
Trainee - iOS Department @ The App Guruz

Join the IT field as a trainee in the iOS department in TheAppGuruz. Watch iOS development videos, Read tutorials, Read blogs etc to improve knowledge in its field.

my certificates

I have completed my Bachelors of Computer Engineering in Computer Engineering with this Institute. During my college days, I have learnt programming languages such as C, C++, Java, C# etc which helped me to small projects. In Technical Stream, I learnt about basic of engineering.

Ravi Gadesha
Founder & CEO, 9Brainz
Ravi Gadesha
What do you expect from a iOS developer? List your requirements and Hardik is all in one. A legendary iOS developer, someone more loyal to 9Brainz than me and this is how list will go on.

Recommended 100%, but I know we still a long way to go.
Dakshil Mehta
Co-Founder & COO, UMX Studio
Dakshil Mehta
Hardik is great developer and he is fast and also to the point. Loved working with him.
Nikunj Popat
Co-Founder, SimBeez
Nikunj Popat
Hardik’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company.
Bhavik Charola
Co-Founder, BinBytes
Bhavik Charola
I was impressed by Hardik's ability to deal with even the toughest clients – effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among consulting professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him.”
Abhijeet Rupareliya
UI / UX Expert
Abhijeet Rupareliya
Hardik is skilled at iOS, Objective-C and Swift. He is very knowledgeable, reliable and technically strong candidate. It was always great working with him due to his dedication, enthusiasm and witty solutions.

I highly recommended him for mobile app development in iOS.
Malde Chavda
Sr. Full Stack Developer
Malde Chavda
I know that time when I meet Hardik for discuss about one project! After complete my project, I am fully satisfied from his work. In fact I am glad that i met Hardik, he made my project what I want! He implements his own innovative and unique skills in projects. I would like to work with Hardik again and again.
Sumit Ram
Android Expert
Sumit Ram
Hardik is a well connected professional that always takes the time to support anyone is his network. He has a very impressive background and profile and I recommend Hardik as a expert to connect with and consider for anything appropriate.

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If you have any query regarding iOS / watchOS / tvOS, please contact me

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+91 94278 10306
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